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Christmas markets all I've been in 2022🎄

Hi! I'm Ryosuke who was born on 25th December. I'm studying in Germany because I love Christmas. Last year, due to the regulations of covid, Christmas markets in many states were cancelled just a few days before the day supposed to start. Although the three biggest markets are Dresden, Nürnberg, and Stuttgart, all of these were cancelled. Fortunately, this year, all Christmas markets came back to Germany, so I decided to go to as many markets as possible. I had to skip my courses but this is why I am in Germany now. In this diary, I will show pictures of all Christmas markets I have been this year! Hope you enjoy and be motivated to visit Christmas markets in Germany!

Btw, I was a little surprised to know that Christ wasn't born on 25th December but actually would be in September to October according to the Bible.


Esslingen (Stuttgart)

Stuttgart city center



One of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany. They had a Stollen Festival when I visited, and I bought a 40 cm big stollen.


Verona and Milan (Italy). So beautiful with Duomo!

Barcelona. The feces boy (left) is a traditional fortune doll for Christmas. You will be happy if you put them in your house on Christmas by wishing that the feces become nutrients and you have good harvest next year. Totally different atmosphere from Germany with the mediterranean climate.

Lyon - France

souvenirs 2022

Marry Christmas and happy new year!

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