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​ラジオ 筑波大学 留学生日記

NEW !!

Let's have a discussion with international students

I always see a lot of international students when I walk in the campus. Did you know that one in eight students in this university are international students? (maybe you are one of them!)

Have you ever thought about life of your friends around you? What do they want to learn, why did they come here, and what are they thinking about?

On this site, international students who are (or used to) studying in the University of Tsukuba can share their daily life, opinions, discoveries, suggestions... basically anything. Even though we are all from different countries, we have a Senpai-Kohai connection, who have walked in the same campus, here. There must be something we can share to each other.

Maybe the way of thinking for international students will aid in creative thinking for Japanese students and give a “hint for the next step”. 

We hope this website can provide you a platform for thinking, discussing and discovering new ideas. It will be great if you can gain new insights and create new meanings about life, together with us.

Write and share your article HERE!


​Nama Saya


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